Hix Eros: Poetry Review is published jointly by Sad Press and Hi Zero.

The latest issue is #7, published in August 2016, which covers work by Roíbéard Csengeri, Ian Heames, Sophie Seita, Tammy Ho Lai-Ming, Frances Kruk, R.T.A. Parker, John Ashbery, Dorothy Lehane, Eley Williams, Florence Uniacke, Rosa van Hensbergen, Jessica Johanneson Gaitán, Emilia Weber, Cheena Marie Lo, James Cummins, Prudence Chamberlain, and Nisha Ramayya, and also includes Nell Perry’s essay on elegy.

Hix Eros is edited by Jo Lindsay Walton & Joe Luna, with assistance from Jordan Savage and Robbie Dawson. It publishes reviews of, and responses to, contemporary experimental and political poetry. With the exception of one special print issue (on J.H. Prynne), it is online only.


Issue #7: PDF (or this PDF for easier printing)


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Issue #4: JH Prynne special: PDF or paperback


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Issue #2: PDF, or Kindle ebook of #1 + #2

Issue #1: PDF


If you’re interested in reviewing for Hix Eros, write to hixeros@gmail.com.