Sad Press 2017 Bundle

Subscribe to the next six titles for only £33. They will all or almost all be first books. They will definitely include:

  • Emilia Weber, Familiars
  • Daisy Lafarge, Understudies for Air
  • Alice Tarbuck, Grid

Very likely followed by:

  • Jonathan Ferguson
  • Adam Roberts
  • Andy Emitt

The first title (Familiars) will ship to bundle subscribers in August.

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Sad Press Bonus Bundle

Limited time only! £32 for all 6 titles (including P&P)

  1. Karl M.V. Waugh, Obsessed by Proportions
  2. Sally-Shakti Willow and Joe Evans, The Unfinished Dream
  3. Anne-Laure Coxam, Toolbox Therapy
  4. Sarah Hayden, Turnpikes
  5. R.K., Killing the Cop in Your Head
  6. Eley Williams, Frit

You can also buy most of these titles individually.

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